Wooden Chess Sets, Traditional and Natural

by John Skelly

Wood is one of the most useful materials found on the planet. It is sturdy, easy to transform into different things and is used as one of the primary building materials. One of the most common uses for wood is in construction. However, wood also has a myriad of other uses.

For centuries, people have been using wood to craft different objects like, toys, furniture, and even board games. In fact, some of the best chessboards and chess pieces in the world are made of wood. A lot of effort goes into the construction of each board and much more into the carving of the individual pieces. In both cases, the boards and pieces are handmade by skilled craftsmen, located in many different parts of the world.

For the people who use wooden chess sets, many of them agree that the investment is worth every penny. Not only do wooden chess sets stand the test of time but they also represent the indispensable history of chess. As many people might know, chess is really an old game that has continued to evolve throughout the ages. And wood chess sets have been a prominent component during this evolution.

The materials used to construct the games early versions were usually wood and they we're typically made for people of great importance and influence. It is not uncommon for antique and vintage chess sets found in museums or collections to embody great designs and exquisite aspects that are worthy of admiration.

As for wooden chess sets in contemporary times, they are still very popular and widely used today. Not only do wooden chess pieces cost a lot less, but they are also easier to replace. This is very advantageous especially in schools, where chess pieces might get lost due to misuse and carelessness. Wooden chess sets are also preferred in many tournament formats because this has always been the tradition and because it's very easy to obtain wooden sets.

As you may know, there are many types of wooden chess sets. Some are made for mass production and others are of a higher quality design, made not only for playing, but also for a decorative accent item in the home or office. However, playing chess with any one of these types doesn't offer any distinct advantage to players.

Chess is more of an academic game, and winning doesn't rely on which type of material was used in the construction of the chessboard and pieces. Winning at chess relies on the individual's skill and experience with the game. No one ever won or lost a game because of the type of chess set used during the game.

Some will always prefer the wooden chess set to other types of materials. It might be due to preference, superstitions, or the idea that wooden chess pieces are more simplistic and natural. In the end, it is up to one's inclination. But one thing is certain. Wooden chess sets will always have a place in both tournament and casual formats because wood has always been and is still is a great material for creating chess sets.