Various Themed Chess Sets

by David Powers

All great chess players are alike in at least a few respects: they're all keen and tactical thinkers, and they've got some luck on their side. But for the win, the attributes should be combined with the player's ability to read his opponent and stay one move ahead.

People who haven't played chess never think about the set; they usually assume that one set is pretty much the same as every other chess set. Those who do play chess are well aware that this isn't true. In fact, chess sets sport an identity of their own and a theme or style to match.

Staunton Chess Sets

The most classic chess set is the Staunton set. The Staunton set is the chess set most often selected by the regular chess player. It's common to find a Staunton in majority of the chess matches. Without a doubt, the set truly embodies simplicity with elegance.

Themed Sets

Modern times necessitated contemporary measures, thus the emergence of the themed chess set. These themed sets are making an impression among young players.

Para-War Sets

These chess sets are far from boring. Some of the pieces are cavalry or artillery. Or any facet of war for that matter. A well liked theme is the American Civil War inspired chess set. One benefit to having a war themed chess set is its ability to promote learning about whatever war the set is modeled after.

Medieval Sets

The demand for the medieval themed chess set is so high. There seems to be a good chemistry between chess and the middle ages. Rarely do the pieces portray the darkness of the times. In fact, the preferred themes are those that involved fire birds, dragons and unicorns. The set allows the player to live in a magical world.

Harry Potter Sets

Chess was very critical in the first book of the Harry Potter series, so it's not surprising to see the story inspire a theme for chess sets. Some of the chess sets closely resemble the chess pieces Ron and Harry played with, while other game pieces are done up to resemble the characters of the story.

There are several other themed chess sets available in a variety of sizes and topics.  Finding the perfect themed chess set isn't difficult. The sets are sold both offline and online.