Top Reasons Why You Should Encourage Your Kid...

Top Reasons Why You Should Encourage Your Kids to Play Chess
by Thomas Wallace

According to recent studies, an alarming number of children in Great Britain have shown poor aptitude when it came to their school work. Some of the reasons cited for this finding include poor memory, the presence of distractions, and an inability to focus or concentrate. These may sound like harmless statistics for most, but for parents, these are good indicators of their children's success in the future. As we all know, children who tend to not do well in school normally end up working in odd-end jobs without a formal education, thereby limiting their career opportunities in the process.

According to experts, one simple and inexpensive solution to address the common causes cited above is to engage young children in cultivating an interest in playing chess games electronic or manual they may be. Chess is essentially a mental game. It requires good memory, an ability to focus and concentrate, and a talent for logic. Generally, it has been shown to improve meantal and social skills among children and young adults. Who knew visiting a chess shop could bring much more? Here are more reasons why you should encourage your children to play chess.

Chess facilitates cognitive development
Recent studies have shown that playing chess can lead to significant progress in terms of numerical, spatial, and organizational abilities among children and young adults. In addition, playing chess games electronic or manual they may be, helps improve a child's memory because the moves are limited and specific. With limited moves to make, children are encouraged to think of ways to beat the opponent, thereby encouraging visualization, creativity, and imagination. Not only that, some scientists have even gone so far as to say that chess contributes to the creation of dendrites because playing chess is akin to developing a new form of thinking, increasing the number of synaptic connections in the brain and essentially contributing to an overall increase in IQ. This is certainly a very good reason why you should go ahead and visit a chess shop, isn't it?

Chess improves self-esteem
Another advantage of playing chess is that it has been scientifically proven to improve a child's self-esteem. A researcher named William Levy found that chess promoted self-esteem after constant exposure to the game. This could be attributed to the fact that winning a game makes a child more confident, while losing one tends to increase his or her motivation to do better next time. In addition, Dr. Ferguson found that chess heightens a child's ability to create an individualized thinking plan and improves problem-solving skills. In addition, the bonus of meeting new friends while playing chess encourages social skills.

Chess is a safe and productive hobby
Finally, chess is a safe and productive hobby because it is non-destructive, it encourages positive mental and social development, and above all, it is not very expensive yet can be as fulfilling as other more 'expensive' hobbies. Overall, these reasons are very good ones to encourage you to visit a chess shop and purchase your child's first set. Good luck!

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