Tips to Improve your Chess Strategies

by Chess163

You can’t deny that chess is a game of sheer discipline and determination. The main portion of this game is the middle portion. It can’t be said that the opening and the ending parts are of no importance, they are. But in most of the cases even famous chess players go for a conventional opening. So the opening moves are almost known to you. Then come the most interesting part of the game. The middle portion is so crucial because in that period you have to implement your strategies rightly.

It is completely dependent on the layer’s tactics how he wants to capture his opponent. One of the famous tactics that Jose Capablanca, the former chess champion, brought into the chess-field is to maintain strong hold over his opponent right from the word go. This certainly resulted in exploiting the weak spots of the opponent and capturing a material gain over him. One who is pretty careful and plays his game slowly but steadily can get benefited by this method.

But if we consider the greatest players of chess we witness that most of them liked to experiment during their game. Sometimes they failed, sometimes they won, but this certainly raised the level of the game. Emmanuel Lasker, Josh Waitzkin, Bobby Fischer and many other superstars destroyed the conventional notion of having a strong hold over their opponents and progress. They invented their own methods to capture their enemies. Sometimes they failed in a real bad manner but their experimentations have let them gain some memorable victories.

It is an undeniable fact that a great player of chess can have absolute dominance over his opponent with the positional advantage alone. They have the courage to sacrifice their material in order to gain their desired result. They always look to dominate the center of the chess-board and for that if they have to lose their queen they don’t hesitate. They have some particular squares of the board in their mind and they go accordingly.

If you feel interested about this kind of experimental middle game you have to keep some valuable points in your mind.

First, always look for your position. Chess is a game where position rules, not the material. Do not hesitate to lose your queen if you are not planning with it. Remember that sometimes a pawn is more effective than a rook. So leave your preconceived notions outside the board.

Never forget that wastage of moves to protect your pieces which are not part of your game plan is strictly prohibited. For example, if you see your queen in danger and you also know that the queen is not among the pieces with which you are going to capture your opponent then don’t waste your move trying to protect it. It will also give your opponent a false confidence.

Always remember that everything will be in vain if you cannot protect your king. So never trap the king. Do not send the king to the far corner of the board. Always find a position for your king from where he can escape.

You can never tell that you will win each and every game of chess. It is not that consistent. The game of chess has no perfectionist. So don’t hesitate to lose. Because every time you lose you’ll come up again with another plan and some of them are bound to give you success.