Tips That Every Chess Player Should Know

by Victor Epand

Chess is a game which can employ a number of different strategies and tactics. Every player needs to discover their own style, trial and error is some of the best ways for a player to learn what works and what doesn't. A number of different styles all can lend themselves to a great game of Chess and each of those styles can perfectly fit different players and personalities. However, as different as each Chess player is, there are a number of tips that each and every good Chess player will follow and keep in mind throughout the game.

The most important part of playing a smart Chess game is to always pay attention. It sounds simple, but this is actually the downfall of most players. They miss an opponent's move or are so concentrated on what their next step might be that they miss something crucial and ruin their entire game. In addition to paying attention, it is important that the player always be thinking ahead. Having a plan is important in constructing a great Chess strategy, but being adaptable is also important.

Whenever an opponent makes a move, it is important for a player to fully evaluate that move, trying to determine why it was made. Players don't make Chess moves simply for the sake of moving, there is always a reason and a plan behind the move being made. Figuring out the opponent's plan is a key part of playing a smart Chess game. If a player can figure out an opponent's plan before it has been fully hatched, it is possible to thwart the plan ahead of time. This can throw the opponent off and buys the player more time, for they now do not need to rush to react to an event that played out on the board.

It is also vitally important for any player to realize just how much the pieces on a board are worth. Each Chess piece has been given a ranked number based on how important they are. Pawns are considered to be worth 1 point each, while Knights and Bishops are worth 3. Rooks are 5 and Queens are 9 points each. Knowing these point values are handy because they can help players keep in mind what is important when it comes to strategy. A Queen is very valuable, as it has the most range and can do the most damage, yet two Rooks can accomplish even more. Many times, sacrifices need to be made in a Chess game and knowing which piece is better to sacrifice will help in the long term of the game.

Keeping the endgame in mind is always a smart investment as well. For example, if a sacrifice needs to be made between a Bishop and a Knight, it is good to keep in mind that a Bishop has a farther range during the endgame. However, on the other hand, this may not be of much importance if the Knight will help more in getting a player to the endgame. There are a lot of things that any good Chess player needs to juggle during a game. Practice is the best key in building all of these skills. Keeping these few tips in mind during a game, however, will show drastic improvements in any player's results.

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