Thinking of Buying A Themed Chess Set? 5 Goo...

Thinking of Buying A Themed Chess Set? 5 Good Reasons Why!
by Frederick B Spadaccino

This noble and exciting game has been accurately dated to about 600 ad and has continued to grow in popularity, first in India, then to Europe, and, finally made its way to the colonies. Throughout the years there have been many varieties and designs, and, even themes, that have surfaced in the manufacture of chess sets. We are presenting a list of the 5 Top Reasons for including a themed/unique, and, out of the ordinary chess set for your family's game room. As a beginner or afficionado, we hope these reasons have been a help in choosing whether to add a product with a themed nature for your family.

The different or themed product selected will become a focal point for lively conversation even before the game is started.
Allows the entire family, from youngsters to adult to choose their theme; children will enjoy some of the magical and cute themed sets of frogs and fairies; while the adults might select one of the historical set involving the civil war period of our country, or, even further back with the pharaohs and queens of Egypt.
With a themed product, any, and, all periods of our history can be explored; not limited to a specific standard chess set.
Having a themed product opens up wonderful avenues for a night of competition, fellowship, and, neighborly good time. All of our tastes are not the same; why should are chess sets be any different?
Now consider the endless possibilities for church and civic organizational chess tournaments. Would not be as reachable with the traditional and standard sets.

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