The Proper Setup Of A Chess Board

by Victor Epand

It has been well established that Chess is one of the most classic games in history. It is intellectually stimulating as well as highly strategic and it can be useful to anyone who is looking to help develop the power of their brain. However, many people actually lack a fundamental knowledge on how Chess actually works. Because of this, they have no idea on how to even approach the game and therefore, they end up missing out on all the benefits that a healthy game of Chess can provide. Setting up a Chessboard can be one of the easiest set up tasks in the entire realm of board games, however, and in a few quick minutes, anyone can learn how to properly do it.

Chess is a game that is played on a square board of 8 rows and 8 columns, making a total of 64 square spaces. The colors of these spaces alternate between dark and light, making a checkerboard patters across the playing surface. The board is set so that a light colored square is at the right hand corner of the row closest to the player. If the board is positioned correctly, then the Queen will always begin the game on her own color.

The chess set is comprised of 16 different pieces, half of which are pawns. Then 2 Rooks, 2 Knights, 2 Bishops, and 1 Queen and 1 King. Each side is colored either light or dark and form the two sides that battle out during the game. These pieces all have special ways of moving around the board and through the use of this specialized movement, the strategy of Chess comes into play. To begin the setup of a game of Chess, each player must first examine the set of the color they are playing as to determine that all of the pieces are there.

After this, the back row, closest to the player is set up. The two Rooks, or Castle pieces, are placed at the very ends of the back row. On the next space inside, for each side, a Knight piece is placed. These figures are most often shaped as horses. Bishops take up the next two spots in, and are usually depicted as figures of some sort of clerical head wear. This denotes them as the members of the clergy that the bishops in the game act as. The Queen and the King take up the center two spaces, with the Queen always being on her own Color. Both figures are often depicted with a royal nature, some sort of crown usually adorns the top of the two pieces.

In the front of this row of pieces, an entire row of pawns is placed. A full set of 8 pawns start the game and, with the exception of the Knights who are allowed to jump over other pieces, the pawns protect all of the pieces from attack. Pawns are generally shorter than all of the other pieces on the board, making it easier to determine which pieces have rank and which do not. Knowing how each piece moves and how to best utilize it on the board is another realm of knowledge, but knowing how to properly set up the Chessboard is the first step in knowing how to master the game.

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