The Best Of Internet Chess Playing Rooms

by David Powers

The internet revolution has taken the whole planet by storm. The creation of the 'net has changed just about each aspect of everybody's lifestyle. It has transformed those things with strong roots to the olden times. Chess is no exception.

That intelligence and chess go together is a widely accepted stereotype. Success in a chess competition entails a mastery of math and logic. A really brilliant chess player has an inherent ability to predict what the other player will do, and is able to pull off a preemptive strike. The Persians pioneered chess to simulate battle planning, historians believe. Later on, the game moved to Europe where it was changed and eventually become the past time we know and enjoy today.

One of the challenging requisites of chess is patience; just imagine the long hours that players sit, concentrate on the board and plan maneuvers. Genuine enthusiasm for chess is uncommon, especially that it's what serious players are looking for. Almost all homes are now connected to the internet, and thankfully today, it's no longer as taxing to find the perfect chess rival to challenge.

The internet has hundreds of mass chess playing rooms. A player has only to log into one and meet a potential chess opponent.

The really amazing thing about the chess playing rooms is that they provide so much more than just chess playing partners. The chess playing room helps grow a community of enthusiasts. Friendships are forged and tactics exchanged. Before the advent of chess playing rooms, the only opportunity for chess players to converge was at meetings, competitions, and tournaments.

The chess playing rooms have ushered in another phenomenon that no one could have predicted. More and more people want to check out the chess playing rooms due to curiosity. Occasional players now sport the tendency to become serious chess aficionados.

For some people however, online chess playing rooms should be approached with caution. Critics of the internet phenomenon have been quick to point out that what makes chess such a great sport is that it compels the playing partners to develop a personal relationship. The critics think that the internet chess playing rooms will make chess too impersonal.

No one really knows how to quantify the alterations brought about by the online revolution to chess. It doesn't matter so much, because what's certain is that chess playing rooms are going to be here for quite a long time.