Speed Chess - Chess Packed With A Punch

by David Powers

The times when two individuals faced each other, growing bored while they waited for the other person to select a move are rapidly becoming passe. The fast-paced era is introducing a new type of game - speed chess. Before the emergence of speed chess, persons could take long hours to deliberate their next move. Speed chess, meanwhile, designates a time frame, so that the match is readily ended in case players are unable to follow the time allotments. For obvious reasons, speed chess isn't recommended for newbies. It requires a mastery of the rules and a vast on-hand knowledge of the maneuvers to really do well in speed chess.

Nuts and Bolts of the Game

What's likeable about speed chess is that you can enjoy a game over lunch. Like the conventional chess match, you need a board, a timer and the complete chess pieces to start playing.

Rules of Engagement

Another great thing about speed chess is that you need not learn a whole set of rules. None of the standard International Chess rules have undergone alterations. The twist is that time limits apply. You can quickly lose the entire match when you don't know how to observe time, but your opponent needs to make the call. When your opponent doesn't declare himself the winner despite the time extension, then the match is still on!

Speed Matters

How quickly each move must end is up to you and your partner. Typically, players allow themselves an average of 3 to 5 minutes. This brief period is sure to build up your excitement and that of your audience!

People Good Enough for Speed Chess

Although you might have played 3 to 10 chess games already, never assume that you can handle all the challenges of speed chess. You may not know it but 5 minutes to think is really quite challenging. Preparedness comes with complete mastery of the rules and an abundance of chess match victories.

Before honoring any invitation to join speed chess, be warned that opponents are a lot like professional athletes, determined to emerge the victor. All speed chess competitors are determined to rehearse themselves over and over, just to play better. They are also sharp and quick thinkers.

If you've been playing chess for awhile and feel like you have a strong foundation, then go online and try practicing rounds of speed chess.