Some Advice From A Chess Pro

by Brendan Carpenter

When I was just a beginner at the game chess, I always lost to my opponent or have a game which never ended. This is a something we learn from our own. It's like a skill that we cannot just learn in school. There are a whole lot of strategies in several situations of chess. There are a whole lot of possibilities when you play this game.

As years pass by, things actually change either in a good or bad way. With the advancement of technology, there are chess masters who use these technologies and write books with several techniques and strategies that they say are sure wins and the likes. Most books also include the ways to observe your opponent on how he or she plays and does his or her strategy. It actually pays to know more about the game itself rather than just relaying on these books.

Like what I said, these books are just merely guides on how the game runs, some maybe tips on how to defeat your opponent straight forward but of course you would be better of learning several strategies and techniques your own way. The only thing is, this takes a lot of constant practicing.

Your main goal actually when playing this game is that in the every move you make, you will be able to pin one of your opponent's pieces. With the usage of pinning in this sentence, I mean you would be able to stop your opponent from getting more and more of your pieces which are more valuable such as the rook and the queen. The people who have mastered the skill of chess really know how to stop you easily from moving anywhere but indeed, they have learned this from a lot of experience.

One of the most common movements in chess is what we call the skewer move. This is very similar to the pin movement. What you do is to actually place your queen and rock in front and some other valuable pieces in front and the ones less powerful at the back. Not only are you tricking your opponent into eating your precious pieces you are louring them into a trap leaving them to move all their powerful pieces to eat yours and leaving the less powerful ones near your king. This would be the time for your queen or rook or whatever to take its journey to the other side of the chess board.

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So to sum it up, if you have been playing chess already for some time in your life, it's actaully quite nice if you could be able to do more research on the game. The research would be able to benefit you in a way that it would be adding to more of your knowledge. One of the best websites I've been to for tips is