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I can still recall back when I first discovered computers. Remember back in the 80s when we had machines like the Tandy 1000

and such? Wow, were these every stellar innovations! You could type on them, and then you could also type on them. Hey, the

list goes on. No but really; the old home computers had to start somewhere, right? When I was in high school, I liked to play

computer chess games. However, the first time I tried this, I was utterly shock. Dear God, the computer beat after only one

move. Apparently the move I made was not the right move. This was intimidating, no doubt. Would I ever be able to beat this

darn thing? Well, after about a dozen games, I did it. I was victorious! These days I enjoy playing chess online once in a while. Now, if you're considering this, just remember, these people are freaking good. In fact, I'm starting to think it's all they do.

Chess can be a complicating game at times. Okay, it's mainly when opponents bust out moves like "knight 2 to bishop 7." Well,

what does that mean? I never claimed to be a pro. Stop making the game more confusing than it really is. I was watching a

movie last weekend that had a really cool chess reference in it. It's called "Cry Wolf." The lead female in the film was

chatting with her buddies about plotting a murder game on campus. However she became frustrated when she realized they were not on her level. She said " It's like you all are playing checkers and I'm playing chess." Yeah, that's an awesome piece of

dialog right there. It's a one-liner that should go down in the history books. Regardless, the point is that chess is a much more intricate and sophisticated game than checkers is. Or many games for that matter. When it comes to href="http://www.ARTICLES-ON-SPORTS.COM">playing chess online against a worthy opponent, it all comes down to strategy. Think very carefully before making that next move.

If you're a newbie at chess, then playing chess online may prove a tad difficult. Then again, you can always find beginner

websites or purchase some inexpensive software that will help you get better and learn the game first. This way when you're

playing chess online against some pro, you'll at least move twice before getting your king handed to you.

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