Mythology Chess Pieces

by Eli

Ask someone to think of a chess game, and invariably end up thinking of a Mythology Chess Pieces. Why should not they? Simple and elegant, what started as a blueprint for standardizing designs - has become a familiar friend that still allows special touches added to the chess pieces. Staunton design has been so popular for over a hundred years, which is the standard for chess clubs and tournaments around the world.

However, the style is not everyone's going with the flow of the norm, and that includes games of chess. Fortunately, there are several different types of themed chess sets for players and collectors alike.
Since chess is considered the last battle of the mind, the theme chess set typically revolve around historical wars and battles we all remember. By far the best known of these is the civil war. Collectors and casual players have long been fans of Civil War chess set. That is one of the darkest moments in American history; players have a variety of options for chess sets. Most of these focus on joint or brass or a game of marble-resin chess more popular and colorful set.

While civil war is not always everyone's favorite war, there are still several options. One can choose between games commemorating the American Revolution, the historical battles of England and Scotland, or testing of the Greeks against the Romans. No matter the battle, a game of chess you can find.

While the battle themes do not dominate the category of chess theme, there are still a lot of chess games do not focus on the war. Literature fans can focus your eyes on Shakespeare plays. A group of chess popular themed chess sets are mythological. Characters in these games of chess include the mighty Hercules, the sea god Poseidon, and even threatening Minotaur.

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