Learning the art of chess

by Daniel Rios

People have always sought ways to have fun, get distracted and spend pleasant moments to make a game that allows the enjoyment of a good time.Along history, men developed many useful games to spend pleasant moments.

Among the most outstanding games that man has made are the board games, which can easily be played by anyone and where you do not need many players to play. However, some games were made for more than fun. They require of a certain mental capacity and the possibility to make playing strategies in order of being the winner. This is the case of chess. Thanks to movement possibilities and different moves you can do in the game, has become one of the most important strategy games in history.

Chess is a game known for large numbers of people in the world, is a game for two, which is mainly carried out based on the implementation of strategies, so much so that this game is based on the implementation of the strategies of war. We can say when you play chess, is like making a representation of war, so much so that chess is called a war game.

As chess, you can find other games that are clearly related to this game of war. One is xiangqi from China, and Shogi from Japan, apparently all of these games comes from the chaturanga- India-which is for four players and would be the precursor of war games.

Chess is one of the best games in the world. It is considered by many not just a game but a sport, one of the most practiced and popular around the world. So the importance of chess in some societies is not considered a game but an art and a science, because it requires high mental effort to be a good player.

Chess is as important as a factor of mental application and similarly development of mental abilities, as the constant realization of a competitive game is very practical.

Chess is an extremely popular game so is very common to find different sites in which you may learn to play chess, in addition besides of learning to play a good game and the continued competitiveness, you can easily develop your mind skills.

As you can understand chess is a game very useful, both for recreational purposes, such as competence and mental development activity. It is as complete a game that allows all these woes, which every day you win a larger place in society so much so that it is not only a board game, but you may find computer versions where you may be able to play online and challenge your friends and the entire world of chess.

About the Author

Daniel Rios is an engineer graduated form MIT. He is working on a clothing design projects in which he designs running socks for men.