Learn How To Play While Traveling, A Magnetic...

Learn How To Play While Traveling, A Magnetic Chess Set Is A Great Way To Go!
by Walt Peterson

There is historical proof that chess is the oldest of all board games and in some countries is taken extremely seriously. This game is a game of skill that has intrigued and fascinated some of the world's most powerful leaders. In fact Napoleon not only enjoyed chess immensely, but his personal chess set is on display in a museum in North Carolina. In modern times chess is played on computers, in competitions and there are even magnetic chess sets that provide the ability to play chess while traveling.

The magnetic chess sets and other low end chess sets are a great way to learn to play without spending a lot of money. Once you have learned to play and build an interest in the game then you can consider purchasing a more expensive set. One way to learn to play well is to join a chess club; these clubs will typically use less expensive sets.

There are all types of chess sets and some of them are extremely popular. While magnetic chess sets and other low end chess sets are very affordable there are some sets that are rare collector's items. The low end sets are typically plastic and manufactured by major toy companies. Many of these sets are actually part of a bundle of board games that are packaged together.

Magnetic chess sets are often the game of preference since they can be used anywhere without a concern that the pieces may be blown off or knocked off in travel. These boards and pieces are a practical choice for chess clubs and are a good way for children to learn to play. The small magnets that are contained in the play pieces are just strong enough to keep the pieces in place till they are going to be moved.

There are some specialty shops that can provide a way to purchase specialty sets once the desire to invest in a better set has hit you. There are shops available at retail centers and there are also many sources of specialty chess sets online. There is no end to the type of materials or the styles of the pieces that are obtainable online.

Once a person has graduated beyond the travel sets and the plastic playing pieces the next choice is typically wood. Wooden pieces can be intricately carved and may be either machine or handmade. The options beyond wood are endless. There are collector's sets that are made of pewter, glass, marble, and even leather.

While there are traditional forms of the playing pieces there are many different styles of play pieces that have been crafted over the years. The official chess type that is used in tournaments is referred to as the Staunton chess style. This name derives from the original grandmaster of chess. In many cases the magnetic chess sets will be made in the Staunton style.

Beyond the Staunton style there are many other styles of playing pieces. One popular type of chess pieces are those that are crafted to represent armies, such as the confederate and Union armies of the Revolutionary war. No matter what type of pieces you aspire to eventually collect you will probably always cherish that magnetic chess set.

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