Learn Chess - A New Way for Kids and Adults

by David Trounce

Chess Learner Board - Chess Tutor for Kids

Most people are intimidated by the deeper levels of play in chess. We watch the experts and cringe. they have moves that we can only dream about.

And while it is true that the chess elites are really streets ahead in game play from your average Joe, it is also true that their moves are not miracles of nature. A Good move in chess is the result of two things. One, knowing what moves can be made and two, knowing when to make them.

That's what interested me in the Chess Learner Board. It's a simple and very smart idea for Kids learning to play chess and adults who want to sharpen their social game.

Chess Learner Board is a creation of Australian based designer, Lance Ross. It's a chessboard and rules book in one.

Many world chess champions started playing when they were six years of age. This board is simple enough for a young child to begin grasping the basic elements of Chess play.

Schools have long known that playing chess increases students' abilities to learn strategies, understand spatial relationships, abstract planning and manoeuvres, applied concentration and all manner of logical thinking.

Some schools bring in chess tutors - one firm advertises a charge of $750 per day. With Chess Learner Board, raw beginners can learn the basic rules without professional help and tutors can be brought in later to instruct on strategy and subtleties, if required.

Schools with more restricted budgets may rely on Chess Learner Board and their class teachers.

Some of the aspects of Chess play that Chess Learner Board helps in answering are:

The object of the game; How does the King move and capture? How does the Rook move and capture How does the Bishop move and capture?

You will also learn the relative value of the pieces; Keeping score; Playing a complete game and how most games really end.

All the international chess rules shown with diagrams and instructions. Beginners can even learn alone. Chess learner board, technically not a 'board', is 49cm squared, made of super strong, very durable, high tech polypropylene and folds down to 24.5cm squared. Opened out, it ingeniously lies perfectly flat with no buckling at the folds.

If you are looking for a way to teach your children chess, then the Chess Learner Board may just be what you are need.

About the Author

David Trounce is the Owner & Proprietor of Games From Everywhere - Chess Sets