Learn About Chess - A Game of Strategy

by Henry James

Chess is a game of strategy and commitment. Chess is also one of the most traditional and most popular games on the globe. It is thought that chess originated between the 15th and 17th centuries in India. The exact date is unknown. Chess is also known as the royal game because it is called the king of all games. It is interesting to learn that the name chess means king, and the word checkmate means the king is dead.

To play the game of chess, you need to have two players. There 16 different pieces each player has, each player has a different color. When the games starts, the first player will start off having a king, queen, two bishops, knights, eight pawns and rooks. The object of the game is to corner your opponents king so he cannot move anywhere else on the game board.

There are many chess tournaments around the world today in all areas. Chess is even being taught at different schools to children as well. Chess is a game of strategy and it can improve the thinking skills of that child. The benefits are that the child will learn how to focus, become a planner in their everyday life, to think analytically and to think about all different options before making a decision on something. Another benefit is it can heighten a persons communication and social skills. There have been studies to prove that if a child regularly plays chess, they have a great improvement in their abilities to read as well as math.

You can play chess anywhere today. There are also chess tournaments that take place in some shopping malls. All you need to have is the board, the pieces and two players. You can also play chess on the computer. When you play on the computer and against the computer, you can adjust the difficulty level from easy, medium and hard levels. Don't forget to play against your friends on the internet as well.

There are grandmasters of chess today. These men and women spend many hours each day playing and have spent years studying the game of chess. On of the grandmasters of chess is Garry Kasparov. He is among the world's most popular chess players. He is 1st ranked in the world for playing chess between 1985 to 2005. He was also the world champion chess player from 1985 to 1993.

You can buy the game of chess at almost any retail store that sells games. There are also different themes of chess that you can purchase as well.

Chess is not a game that you can master over night. It takes time and dedication to become a master player of this timeless game. Chess is a game that the whole family can enjoy. The children will be learning as they are playing a game and the parents will be playing a game that they have loved for a long time. No matter what your age or gender, chess will continue to be the most popular game out there today and tomorrow.

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