Is World-wide-web Chess Upgrading Head to hea...

Is World-wide-web Chess Upgrading Head to head Chess
by Freddie Brister

For so many reasons, people prefer to play chess online rather than OTB (over the board) chess. By the way, OTB chess is playing across a real table from a live opponent.

Even if people have become members of the local chess club, these clubs will probably have their own websites where their members can play chess online. Like most organizations today, chess clubs will make use of websites to coordinate with their members faster. The site also makes it convenient and inexpensive to host tournaments more often. Since most chess aficionados are member of online clubs, it is getting to be more difficult to find a good player to play OTB chess with.

Another thing that is attractive about playing chess online is the prospect of meeting new people from all over the world and establishing good friendships with them. This sort of broadens the knowledge and experience of the player because he gets to learn the playing secrets of people who live halfway across the globe. The possibility of discovering new techniques is very attractive to serious chess players.

Being able to play chess without leaving your bedroom is another convenience that most persons like to take advantage of. Oftentimes, the only available hours people have for recreation are after office or after school. Having to leave the house again just after arriving home just to play chess is inconvenient for most people. People want to relax by playing the game and they won't be able to do that if they have to drive all the way to the club to do so.

For those who want to learn to play the game, whatever their current skill rating is, internet chess clubs are the best resources. Members can usually avail of the whole range of lessons for making them proficient in playing the game. The person can start with the basics or proceed to the more difficult skill levels of the game. Additionally some sites offer the chance to practice with programmed chess robots.

Robot chess players are excellent opponents to practice with prior to engaging in actual human-to-human chess online. Practicing with robots is also recommended before actual games against humans because some of the games that are for real are played with stakes.

Beginning chess players normally find playing chess online much better for learning how to focus on the game. And then there are those players who are easily distracted by a crowd of onlookers, peering over their shoulders and mumbling incoherently. Internet games provide these types of people with the privacy that they need to play the game effectively.

People who join online chess clubs may also talk with some experts who from time to time visit and hold consultations on the site. These are perfect occasions for learning some of the important secrets of playing chess to win.

In spite of the popularity of playing chess online, it is not likely that it will result in a complete phase-out of traditional ways to play chess. The opposite may even come true. Online chess games may get to simulate live chess games so much that we shall be seeing ourselves directing hologram queens to devour hologram rooks suspended over a glass chessboard. OTB chess will likely remain the only reasonably transparent way to conduct international chess tournaments.