In my history are stories of childhood chess ...

In my history are stories of childhood chess sets
by Elizabeth Trineroni

The object that I've had throughout my lifespan and criss-crossed the nation with, is a tiny electronic chess set. It runs on two double A batteries and has eight distinct skill levels. Of course after many years the white pieces are a fleck rusty and I've misplaced a bishop along the way, but mostly and a change of batteries on occasion it has lasted with me since I was 15 years of age.

My chess set has lived in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Alaska and New York. It endured wedlock and pulled through kids. It stays patiently in a closet for me to take time for a game. Of course I've never done it justness, only ever playing to skill grade 5 and most of the time being comfortable at level 3 or 4, but it has been a steady friend. It's hard to think a chess set could be made in 1965 and carry on until today, but it has and it is still here waiting to play!

There are numerous extraordinary and stunning chess sets in the world, they can be a fun item to amass or to present as gifts. I have seen gorgeous pieces in the fairs of Turkey and Israel and in the markets of India. They seem to be a worldwide phenomenon. These reasonably priced sets formed from wood, marble or other localized materials can be lovable conversation chessmen or decorative elements, even if one doesn't play chess.

To Boot, you can discover chess pieces that are fashioned after a variety of themes, from civil war chess sets that symbolise the North and South to those based on books and films, such as Lord of the Rings.

An old, make that vintage, chess set on the bottom ledge of the wash room in my friends' house in a well-worn red box is nothing gem seekers would submit to Antiques Roadshow for an estimate. However, this set of black and red chess pieces, with the serious feel of even the pawns, is priceless.

In my history are stories of childhood, an uncle who passed on before I got out of grammar school, and hours discovering the game and playing with my older brother. Rather of growing into chess, I outgrew it, more things going on and little patience as I traveled toward teenage years. This chess set conjures precious memories beyond the broken board and well aged pawns.

I remember when I was a youth that my father would just on holidays get out the household chess set. I was perpetually so charged to see the hinged marble box with the black and burn one inch checkers on it. This wasn't your normal chess set, this was a entirely wooden hand crafted set.

I can think of each and every last piece with amazing detail, the knights, so rigorous and firm. The rooks fastidiously even cylinders with the smallest details displaying hours of work. I still own that chess set, it is lacking a few pieces now, but I still can't wait to show it to my sons when they're old enough to appreciate it.

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