How to win at chess

by Steve Darson

Many people around the world play chess for fun but there is another group of players who take it as a religion and devour it like scientists.

For them winning is everything they don't consider losing in chess as being lost in any other game. If you doubt this, just try poking fun at a serious player who just lost a chess game. You'll find that either he/she will turn aggressive or come up with lame reasons as why they lost the game.

I'm not talking about grandmasters who display an aura of composure no matter what the circumstances are but about the budding masters that have their eye on joining the ranks of the GMs.

If you have been playing chess seriously for a while now you would have won many games but there might be instances where you lost a game due to silly blunders or other times you don't even know why you lost the game.

In order to win at chess, its necessary to record and analyze your games. Here are a few tips to increase your chances of winning at chess.

Control the center

The center of the board comprises of the d4,d5,e4 and e5 squares You should try to exert as much pressure in the center so that the opponent's pieces are cramped up for space.

Increase Mobility

Let your pieces have free mobility don't obstruct your bishop or queen with your own pawns.


A separate book can be written about combinations. A combination is a series of forced movements by which the entire scenario on the board is changed drastically. If you execute a very good combination your opponent will literally start to scratch his head and wonder what happened to the advantages he was maintaining on the board.

Implementing a few techniques and strategies that are used by grandmasters will help you achieve great success at local tournaments or when you play in your local community.

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