How to Shake the Winter Blues by Playing Onli...

How to Shake the Winter Blues by Playing Online Computer Games
by Robert W. Benjamin

How often have you seen a child running to a window and peering out at the falling snow with a big smile and a pumpkin like face. Most children love snow, and the more the better. I know when I was a child I certainly loved the snow, and for two reasons, if often kept me home from School that day, and it made for a very fun day playing in it. As we grow from children into adults we often stop playing in the snow and having such fun because we mature as we age, and the stress of daily life, makes it so some people seem to lose a lot of their joy. Those that are lucky enough to have a playful spouse or children, know that joy and having fun, is something we all need to experience, a world without laughter and fun would not be a very nice place for anyone.

On them cold winter days if you find yourself alone, or with empty time on your hands, why not play online computer games. There are thousands of free online computer games to play anytime of the day or night. These games are require nothing more then a click of the mouse to play and enjoy. If you are not familiar with finding these games, some of the top sites are: Alawar, Popcap, Miniclip, and Yahoo games. You can do a Google search using any of the names I mentioned to find their respected sites, or search and find your own sites.

Not only are there thousands of different games you can play online for free, many of the sites like yahoo games, allow you to play against other opponents around the world, and as you become more skilled at the games, your ranking goes up, giving you more options. If you like board games there are tons of favorites such as; Monopoly, Checkers, Chess, Boggle and many others. Card games include; Poker, Uno, Solitaire and more. Arcade games include such favorites as; Pool, Pacman, and tons of others, there are so many different games to play online for free, that you can keep active all winter season.

This year, when your feeling the dread of the long cold days or nights, when your stuck inside with nothing to do, why not have fun playing online computer games, it's a great way to help shake the winter blues.

There is a website that describes numerous activities and other methods to help eliminate the Winter Blues, this website is called: Winter Activities - and it may be found at this url:

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