How to Play Chess and the Reasons Why

by Carmen Beese

How to play chess is being researched more than ever these days and one of the reasons for it is the benefits that learning how to play chess can provide for our brain.

Chess is a strange game that was invented way before anyone could really record it. The written history only can show some proof of the chess game about 600 A.D. However, it could well have been invented a lot earlier.

The idea is a fairly simple one where two opposing armies battle for their kingdom. The pieces represent the people from each kingdom and the players are the generals who command the kingdoms to victory or defeat. It is a strategic game that benefits the player's way beyond their expectations.

Studies have shown that learning and playing the game can increase your IQ and surprisingly give your self-steam a boost. Not to mention your spatial, numerical and administrative-directional abilities that will be maximized in great proportions.

The beauty of the game is that you will develop strategic abilities that could be used in your everyday life allowing you to be more precise in your decisions and in your ability to foresee possible outcomes judging different moves you can take in real life.

The ultimate objective of the game is to capture the opposing king. Once you achieve this goal the game ends and you as a general have the victory. But to get to this stage you need to learn the moves of the six kinds of men who have many varieties of moves. This will bring great benefit to your memory and the good thing is it requires very little practice in order to learn the different moves.

The combination of these moves is so deep and powerful that many professional players say that from the depth and wealth of those combinations lays the pleasure of this game.

Learn how to play chess is a magical experience that can only enhance our ability to think and perform better in life.

Enter this magical world and learn how to play chess in no time at all. If you already know how to play the game then you can develop more strategies than you ever thought possible.

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