How to Choose a Chess Set

by Julien Raynal

Chess is one of the oldest board game and is also one of the most popular games worldwide. It is an easy game to play, with simple equipment, straight forward rules and virtually unlimited combinations. The game is considered an intellectual game and is considered a test of concentration as well as memory.

It is believed that chess was first played in India many centuries ago and was known as "Shatranj". The major rules and attributes of the game are still the same while some new moves and minor changes have been added over time. A chess set consists of the standard chess board and 32 pieces of chess pieces. Chess sets consist of 16 black pieces and 16 white ones. The chess board is comprised of 64 squares. There are a variety of chess sets available, which differ in the playing surfaces and arrangements. The chess sets range from cheap plastic sets to expensive sets with hand-made artwork.

When children initially start learning the game, it is advisable to go for plastic chess sets which are not only cheap but also durable and unbreakable for children to handle with ease. These chess sets are manufactured by toy companies and are available in many toy shops.

Chess clubs usually prefer cheaper varieties of chess sets. The clubs prefer vinyl boards, which can be very easily rolled and can be taken anywhere. The choice of the chess pieces is generally plastic. The idea is that this type of chess sets are easily portable and the game can be played in any location of your choice.

If you have decided to invest in a good quality chess set, your choice is indeed unlimited. The chess boards and chess pieces come in various styles and materials. The different types of chess sets available include marble sets, glass sets, leather sets and all custom designed sets where imagination is the only limitation you run into. There are also chess sets made of precious stones and metals. Chess sets are also available with magnetic pieces that stick to the board. These kinds of chess sets can be used while traveling to ensure that the game does not get disturbed by pieces moving or falling.
As far as the style of the chess sets are concerned, the Staunton chess sets are considered most popular and are widely used in tournaments. The style of the pieces in this chess set is such that they are recognized by people easily. There are chess sets that depict the armies, some movies, and TV characters.

These days, chess can also be played on computers at home or on-line. While playing on a computer, players can easily choose the kind of chess set that they want to play with. Many games offer the choices of colors, models as well as many other options. It is easy to choose different levels of difficulty as required such as novice, intermediary or expert. These also give you a chance to practice play strategies many times to learn the moves of experts.

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