Having Fun Chess Games With Chess Parties

by John Skelly

The game of chess is by many seen as a complicated game. From the different styles of chessboards to the different chess pieces, it might seem complicated at first. This game is very intimidating to a lot of people because of the rules, the concept of protecting the king, chess pieces getting "eaten" and winning it altogether.

Chess does not have to be intimidating! In fact, it's a very fun game for those who seek mental stimulation. However, there are many people who don't appreciate the game because they feel overwhelmed with the set of rules and required strategies. Why don't you organize a chess party in your own home so that more family and friends can appreciate chess?

Nobles from the olden times played chess in social situations and parties. They deemed it a must that a gentleman must be able to play chess well. Chess boards and chess pieces underwent minimal change over the centuries. In present times, chess is removed from the social and fun scene to the more serious environment.

Chess is no longer equated to fun, but something that's brain draining. Nowadays, when people look for fun, they don't want to think. It is true, there aren't a lot of people who see thinking as fun because many people believe that heavy thinking should be confined to the classrooms, and classrooms are sometimes equated to places of boredom and torture.

This is a big fallacy because chess does not have to be all that serious. Winning is just part of the fun in playing chess, the other half being the whole process of analyzing the game that you played. Analyzing things and making up strategies to win the game doesn't have to be a big difficult task, although there are some people who have great difficulty in doing this. There are many who cannot and don't find patience to play the game. You can overcome all of these negative aspects by making fun and enjoyment the motivation of your chess party.

During your chess party, make it a point to let your friends know that it's not all about winning. The party should be a time where your friends can concentrate on the process of playing, as well as giving and receiving constructive criticism. It will give chess enthusiast's new moves and new insights while it will help those who fear chess to learn how enjoyable it can be to play.

Foster open and free communication wherein you get to see your mistakes and understand the strategies available for the game. To make things fun, you can adapt a black and white motif for clothing or interior to match the colors on the chessboard. Have enough chessboards available so that people can play without having to wait their turn. Guests can also bring their own chessboards. Strive to keep the party light by letting people be who they are. They may play like enemies, but hopefully they will give positive friendly critiques so that everyone can enjoy the game and also grow as players.