Electronic Chess Sets And What Every Player O...

Electronic Chess Sets And What Every Player Ought To Know
by David Powers

For the past 15 centuries and counting, chess has continued to enthrall the world. Its popularity soared and ebbed like the tide. One of its peaks was during Bobby Fischer's era in the 70s. Fischer sported a fantastic personality that complemented his superb chess playing skills. Eventually when Fischer left the scene, chess too left the limelight for a while.

Today, chess is back. There is a revival of interest in this ancient board game. The renewed interest is partly effected by the proliferation of chess sets that have interesting themes. The release of the electronic version is believed to cause the leap in popularity.

Electronic chess sets belong to one of two classifications only. There's a tabletop version and a handheld version. Whether handy or not, the chess sets come in a myriad of designs and special features.

One of the greatest benefits of electronic chess sets is that they do away the constant search for a playing partner. Chess enthusiasts often find it a big challenge to meet willing opponents. Thanks to the electronic chess set, anybody can play any time against the computer.

The gadget is one of the must-haves of any serious chess tournament contender. Owning an electronic chess set makes it possible for the person to practice anytime of the night or day.

Some critics keep saying that playing chess is more than just playing the game, but that it is also about cultivating a relationship with the person sitting across the board from you.  When one plays against a machine, one neglects to improve one crucial skill: reading the other contender. When employing an electronic chess set, a person will learn basic moves and how to counter moves, but that will be about it.

According to grand masters, electronic chess sets serve as aides to mastering the rules, but it takes person-to-person interaction to truly improve one's skills. A great place to meet other chess players is the chess club. For a small amount, members get to compete and fine-tune their skills.

A more cost-effective alternative to an electronic chess set is an internet chess playing room. Like club meetings and electronic chess set playing sessions, an online chess playing room gives people the opportunity to find playmates and get better in the game.