Decorating With Chess Sets

by Jim Slate

Chess is an ancient game of strategy and power. It is based on geometrical and mathematical purities, making it one of the most elegant games ever conceived of. And yet, it is a contest, and as with any conflict the battle rages back and forth as two opponents struggle for dominance. This combination of purity, and dynamic tension, mixed with a rich and varied history, makes chess sets a powerful symbolic piece in any decorative setting.

It is important to select an appropriate environment for a chess set. These pieces can evoke certain feelings that are best experienced in certain rooms, and not in others. For instance, having a chess set prominently displayed in the bedroom can lead to thoughts of challenge and contention, when you should be focused on relaxation in that space.

A more appropriate location for such an item would be a living room or small den. Libraries are also good locations for chess set, as are studies and lounges. Chess sets are also particularly useful in an office, or even in a waiting room. In these places, the presence of the set says something about the person within. It speaks to their confidence, and willingness to take up a challenge. This can put you in a position of power in a subtle, yet complex way, when used strategically.

It is also important to match the style of the chess set you display, to the surroundings it is in. If you have a modern style home, then a classic brown and white wooden chess set is going to look a bit dated. Modern styles should be matched with innovative chess designs. Try looking for sets with geometrically shaped pieces, or made from metallic or other interesting materials.

To add spice to a classic décor, try a chess set made from carved bone, or any of the tribal rustic designs available. Alabaster chess sets also allow for variation on a theme, with classic pieces cast using multicolored natural alabaster.

In a decorative environment, a chess set can be a powerful symbol that evokes a sense of dignity and strength. This can be used to add an exciting energy to a space, or to build up your own esteem in the eyes of others. The thing to remember is that the position of the piece should match the strategic advantage you are trying to seek.

About the Author is the source for a fine selection of natural stone chess sets including marble, fossil stone, and semi precious Alabaster sets. Their sets combine the boundless rugged beauty of the natural world, with the polished geometric perfection of chess, to create a union which is truly breathtaking. This article was written by Jim Slate, an artist that works with PebbleZ