Computer Chess Online

by Dave Felton

Computer Chess Online

Many millions of people all around the globe play chess. Some play chess for fun, others for the thrill of competition. Whatever the reasons they play there is always a time when these players cannot find a partner. Maybe the people available don't have the time or the interest. Possibly some of the players are too strong or too weak. There can be many reasons why it can occasionally be hard to find a chess playing partner.

Chess Online

The advent of chess online helped to change this situation. Now players can meet each other across vast distances and still play chess with minimal delay between moves, unlike postal chess of earlier decades. The internet has also enabled a number of custom designed chess servers to come into existence. These servers enable players to meet, chat and play each other online. Some offer "kibitzing" facilities and instruction and training by Grand Masters too.

Yet even with these facilities on offer sometimes it can be hard to find a suitable chess partner. Online chess players tend to want to play short, "blitz" style games and so if you prefer a longer game finding an opponent can be difficult. It is here that computers come to our aid yet again.

Computer Chess

Computer chess programs are incredibly powerful opponents these days. Back in the days when Gary Kasparov (the then reigning world chess champion) lost to a chess computer that computer was a large and highly specialised piece of equipment. A modern chess program on a home personal computer is more often powerful than the program that beat Kasparov.

There is a large variety of chess software available today. Some of this software is commercial and some of it is free. It would be a mistake to think that the free software is inferior. Free software engines are often of sufficient playing strength that if they were allowed to compete in human championships they could attain Grand Master (GM) status. While it is true that the commercial software may have a more refined playing interface or offer more features, most of what is available on a paid basis can also be legally acquired without cost.

For those players that do enjoy an advanced graphical user interface (GUI) or a multiplicity of features then even the current computer world champion software can be bought for less than the price of a meal for two. Of course the GUI might be an additional cost, but the game engine can run in many of these free interfaces as well as commercial offerings.

A purchase of an engine of this strength is a great investment if you love chess. The engine is a better player than most of us will ever be. It can help train your tactical play to a whole new level and of course you will never want for an opponent again. Many players find that by training tactics against a chess computer their ranking against real world opponents also jumps at the same time.

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