Chess and Wooden Chess Pieces - A Fascinating...

Chess and Wooden Chess Pieces - A Fascinating World of Mind Games
by Groshan Fabiola

Chess is a game that resembles war. The different chess pieces resemble the different hierarchy of officials going to war or ruling the country. Chess pieces are the rank and file of a chess game. They are arranged as if they were going to war. Chess pieces are the heart and soul of the game. Pierre Mac Orlan, the famous French poet and writer once said that there are more adventures on a chessboard than on all the seas of the world.

There are one thousand and forty possible legal chess positions and an average chess piece position can have as many as two hundred and eighteen moves. The result, the number of chess piece positions, is a mind- boggling permutation and combination. These can only be fathomed by supercomputers like Deep Blue and International grandmasters like Gary Kasparov or Viswanathan Anand. These positions offer a mind-boggling array of moves. The wonderful and varied environment of chess can be experienced through the value and purpose of the chess pieces.

Different chess pieces have different functions. The king has limited yet skilled movement possibilities and has always had a defensive role in the chess game. The King has always been an object of security and defense rather than one of attack or offence. The queen is also known as the general or Mantri. The Queen is one of the chess pieces that do not have as long- reaching moves as the king. However, the movement options are equally skillful. The Knight's special ability lies in its flanking ability to lead the charge. The Bishop is suitable for play and a decisive piece in the game to play from mid- game onwards. The pawns form the players' line to approach suggesting the offensive style of play as well as the defensive approach. The rook was mainly meant for defense and pinning down the opponent's chess pieces. The rook has great linear movement capabilities but is susceptible to diagonal attack.

Chess sets come in a variety of shapes, materials and colors. For instance, there are the Staunton Wooden chess sets, which are twenty-one inch wooden chess sets, suitable for competitions, as well as for playing at home for leisure. The Drueke wooden chess set is ideal to be offered as a gift to someone who is fascinated with the game, either for playing at home or for playing in a competition. The majority of high quality wooden chess sets are made of walnut. The hardwood is very beautiful to look at. In these beautiful wooden chess sets, there are wonderfully matched rosewood chess piece, which are equally beautiful. There are wonderful chess sets that are handcrafted in the Staunton style. These wooden chess sets come in a variety of materials, such as ebony, rosewood or other fine woods. Moreover, There are boxwood wooden chess sets, which are also wonderful to look at and play with. They are suitable for both tournaments and leisure. These wooden chess sets are high end. There are ebony wood chess sets that are heavily weighted with 3.0" and 4.0" kings and come in four styles. There are other types of chess pieces too, such as the kind made of rosewood and red sandalwood.