Chess Sets and Boards

by Stewart Ames

Although today many people play electronic games classic board games are still as popular with a certain generation. Chess is a fantastic game which takes skill and a great amount of concentration it is played worldwide. Although it is often played online and people can enter tournaments without being in the same country playing with chess sets and boards is still the best way. You can get several different styles of chess sets and some people even collect them.
Chess originated in the 15th century and soon became the game for noblemen to play amongst themselves. It was classed that you had to have a certain level of intelligence to understand the concept of the game and be able to play. Owning chess sets was only for the rich and the chess sets and boards were very elaborate and beautiful in their designs. You can today find many different styles of chess boards and which one you choose will be determined by your taste and budget.
The classic folding style of chess sets is the most popular and this is the most bought chess sets and boards. Every chess board will have 64 squares of alternating black and white squares which are laid out in an eight by eight grid. You can get them in different sizes where the chess pieces and squares are smaller and there are many different variations of chess sets. Folding chess boards are ideal for travelling and can be packed away easily when not in use. They are often made from wood and are tough and durable.
You can also purchase magnetic chess sets and boards which are ideal for use in the car or on the train as the pieces will not fall off. Magnetic chess sets are made from different materials and will often come in handy carry packs to ensure that they can be packed away when not in use. Although this style of chess sets and boards are popular if you are a real chess enthusiast then you will only use a traditional chess board. You can buy some very affordable chess sets which are ideal for beginners and people who are learning to play the game.
If you like the look of the chess sets and boards then you want to collect them and have them out on display. You may have a games room at home which is the ideal place to have your chess sets on display and then you can play with them whenever you are in there. There are some specialist chess sets and boards that you may like and often there is character chess sets which you can purchase of your favorite characters. Often movies and TV series will release a chess set to celebrate the launch of the show.
These chess sets are often collector's items and are worthwhile purchasing if you can you may not be able to afford many of them but choosing one is enough. Whatever style of chess sets and boards you choose you will love it and want to keep it not only to play with but also to admire and look at.

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