Chess Over The Years

by Brendan Carpenter

It is really undoubtedly true that chess has been out even before the early 16th century. It has also been very true that this sport has had its fair share of popularity all throughout the world. Do you even know the first concept about chess? Chess was just a substitute for warfare. It was really conceptualized as a war game and not a board game. It was executed as in the manner it is today. The game was calimed to have helped people to be knighted.

The pawns on the other hand were just conceptualized nearly when the game was just being revised. The pawns were more of the sacrificial pieces within the game.

During the early times, we all know that chess actually originated as a war game but though it was always regarded as a game of educated and nobility in several European countries. This was something that had influenced most western people. The actual concept behind this game was said to be a royal court rather than the first conception of battlefield. Not only has this game influenced several cultures and several people, it has also influenced how the social life works. The game was more of the line of wealth, power and knowledge. Because of this, mostly all people who had the financial capacity has hired a live in chess master to help them or play the game for them.

Some people still believed in playing the game with their own mind. This is what we call the actual game which uses the most intellectual activity. Majority of the aristocrats before would get bored because of the difficulty; but despite this, there has always been a fraction of people who have enjoyed the game from then on.

The cheaper version of traditional chess with the help of mass productions was the tool that was able to help the introduction of chess to the lower society. With the lower costs of the set, this was able to re-popularize the game some more. This is where the game got its name as a game of skill. Not only did this game help people improve a skill but it helped younger people in the society such as teenagers to have better behaviour and more determination.

This last part is just actually quite of a trivia. Did you know that the first chess game on a computer has begun during the early 1950s? This was just after some months as soon as the first computer begun to be constructed. The programmers that designed the first ever chess computer game came from the ever famous MIT. This actually started the opportunity for other programmers to improve on their source code and began the propriety wear. It actually does not matter how you play the game, whether virtually or physically. All that matters is the skill.