Chess - Decorative power Through Challenge

by Jim Slate

A chess set is a challenge. Its very existence provides for a battle of wits that can actually have a defined winner, and a defined loser. It is a call to arms for anyone who enters a space. As such, it has a certain power that other pieces may lack. It is a force in a room, an immediate attention grabbing piece that elevates the style and sophistication of a space.

When someone walks into a room, their eyes will be riveted towards a chess set. It demands attention. As such it's important that you select an impressive piece. You don't just want everyone to see your bargain basement plastic chess set displayed. Instead you want to ensure that the piece is as impressive as its symbolic value. You want to find a set that is quality, made with precision, care, and artistic insight.

There are various materials you can choose for your chess set. Various types of stone are often available, since stone represents the power and magnificence of the mountain from which it was quarried. These can include alabaster, slate, or soapstone pieces. Marble is also a type of natural stone, and the basic black and white marble chess set is almost an icon in the gaming world.

Metallic chess sets are also a popular choice. These can either be metallic pieces upon a wooden board, or the entire set can be metallic. There are a variety of materials that chess sets can be crafted from including steel, copper, wrought iron, and aluminum. The important thing is that the craftsman who made it paid attention to the details of the piece.

There are also theme and novelty chess sets. These can be crafted with pieces that represent characters from a book, movie, period of history, or really anything. Beware of these, as they are often not very functional. It can be difficult keeping track of which character represents which piece, and is distracting to the flow of the game.

About the Author has a unique selection of stone chess sets available, including semi precious Alabaster sets, finely polished marble designs, and million year old fossil stone sets. These are all one of a kind items, made unique by their natural origins. The article itself was written by Jim Slate.