Chess And You: How To Ready Yourself For Play

by David Powers

The chess game that everybody plays today is a product of evolution spanning over the past 15 centuries. To some, chess is a boring past time. However, those individuals who do play chess routinely find chess very exhilarating. You only need to understand the game some more.

The History of Chess

Even though there is no official documented proof to support the theory, most historians believe that chess was first played in Persia. The historians also believed that chess was not meant to be a game at all, but rather as a military tool develop battle strategy. During the medieval times, chess made its way into Europe where it swiftly became very popular. Everybody was fascinated with chess. Both the nobles and the peasants learned to play chess. It is believed that it was in Europe that chess evolved from a battle plan and into a game of intelligence and strategy.

Chess Board Set-Up: Crucial and Proper

Before anyone gets to play chess, the board must be properly set up. There's no such thing as a minor detail when it comes to preparing the board. You can tell that the board placement is proper when the bottommost square to each player's right hand is white. This is written in the "Laws of Chess."

The Pieces, a Hierarchy

The chess pieces are meant to mirror the hierarchy of a European nation. The dispensable pawns are like the commoners of the medieval days. When playing chess, you must regard the pawns as foot soldiers. Then, there are the rooks. They signify your sanctuary. You also have a pair of knights as your chess pieces. In the medieval era, the knights were valuable soldiers, regarded highly by the royal family. On the chess board, the queen is the most dominant character. Although the queen is the most potent game piece, the king is the one that must be protected at all times. If the king is captured, the game is over.

It is crucial that you set up the chess pieces correctly. Look closely if you've properly assembled your game pieces. You'll know the setup is correct when the monarchs of the black team are in an opposite order when compared to the royals of the white team. Pawns offer the major pieces a line of defensive cover. When a player is controlling the whites, the pieces need to be set up left to right in the order of rook, knight, bishop, Queen, King, bishop, knight, rook.

There is an unspoken understanding that the game can't take off unless you set up all the chess pieces correctly. This is a gesture of respect which players share for each other and for chess.

Today, with the advent of online chess playing rooms, chess once more is gaining a slow but steady following.