Bar Mitzvah Gifts

by Jenni Lauper

Bar Mitzvah is an auspicious occasion among orthodox Jews where they celebrate a Jewish boy turning 13 and stepping into adulthood. And after this ceremony, the young boy is responsible for abiding by and upholding the Jewish rituals, traditions, ethics and laws which were borne by his parents so far. Since this ceremony calls for celebration like wedding, giving Bar Mitzvah gifts to the celebrant has also become a tradition. Usually religious items, books or saving bonds are given but more trendy Bar Mitzvah gift ideas are coming up.

If you want to give some religious item, here are some awesome gift ideas:

Star of David bookmark- For a student, this is one of the most popular and useful gifts.

Religious Jewelry- Male accessories like bracelet or pendant with religious motif can also be one of interesting gifts especially when you have an elaborate budget and the celebrant is someone in your immediate family. Trendy bracelets, personalized rings with scriptures or religious motifs engraved on it etc are also good Bar Mitzvah gifts.

Psalm- Psalm of Ten Commandments can be a serious but apt and useful gift.

Gift certificates and cash are also common. However, if you are a non Jew invited to attend this ceremony, you should know that it is auspicious to give cash in multiples of 18. This is because numerical equivalent which is called gematria, of Chai or Hebrew of life, is 18. So, if you consider cash as one of the options for gifts, make it in multiples of 18. Usually parents give their son his first ever Tallit on this occasion.

When you are looking for options of Bar Mitzvah presents, you don't need to restrict yourself to religious items only. Depending upon your budget, you can even go for electronic gift items or jewelry. Personalized Jewish gifts are also cherished by young people, so you can explore this avenue as well. Digital diary, personalized photo frames, chess board, dart board, watch or a gift card are some exciting Bar Mitzvah gifts apt for a thirteen year old boy.

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