Chess: B4 You Make Your Opening Move

by Andy Pitcher

How many great battles, ancient and modern, have been won because of the element of surprise. Doing something which the opposition just doesn't expect you to do is an awesome tactic! It applies equally on the chess battlefield.

It's simple! Let me give you some free chess information, tips and tricks. To gain an advantage in the opening game you need to know your opening moves and strategy better than your opponent. To most chess players this means having a reasonable understanding and knowledge of the variations which can arise from the more common openings such as the Ruy Lopez, Sicilian, English Opening and Queens Gambit. However, against more practised or knowledgeable adversaries you always run the risk of coming out of the opening game with a disadvantage.

Alternatively you could become one of the minority of successful chess players who have opted to play with a more obscure opening which, if known reasonably well, will put you at an advantage over even the smartest opening gurus! So, B4 you make your next opening move just take a little time to think about what could take your opponent by surprise and prize them out of the comfort zone of prepared opening strategy. Instead of C4, D4 or E4 why not try B4! A more subtle and indirect strategy to control the central squares.

The middle game in chess is where any questions of who controls the game is decided. But, how the games are decided is determined by the opening game each player commits to, which will in turn determine what options are available for the player to use. No matter what opening you or your opponent choose, the odds are very high that the middle game will begin on one of the four middle squares. And if you control all four of those squares the advantage is with you.

So, in starting with Pawn to B4 white strives to create an unusual position which he has studied but his opponent has not, often offering the b pawn as bait in order to create a central pawn majority. It aims to quickly advance on the queenside to cramp blacks position whilst the Bishop on b2 controls the central squares d4 and d5 and is a constant threat against g7 thus helping to launch a King side attack.

To get the most out of your chess game try focussing on some of the characteristics of great chess players. Playing the Pawn to B4 opening move, also known as the Orangutan, Sokolsky, and Polish opening, can help you to improve Mental Strength, Effective strategy, and Time Management. Now theres a refreshing change!

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