Absolute First Steps To Enjoying Chess

by Frederick B Spadaccino

First Common Sense Suggestion: Learn the names of the 16 chess pieces that make up a chess set! To review: there are 8 Pawns, 4 Rooks, 2 Bishops, 1 Queen, and 1 King. Practice calling each piece by its rightful name!

Second Common Sense Suggestion: Learn how each of these pieces can move! Even the beginner should know that there are rules as to where and when you can move all the pieces of the Chess Set. For instance, am I able to move the Rook diagonally, or, vertical, and, similar questions.

A suggestion that was given to me when I started to get involved with chess and my web site of chess sets, was that, before I even read a book, or an article, concerning chess, that I have a chess set with all the pieces in the exact spot they belong, next to the book, or, article, or internet instructions. This was beyond a doubt, the single most helpful "tip" I received; it enabled me to experiment with moves that were on instructional guides on how to play chess, with the actual doing of these moves, and, seeing how one move would influence the chess board battle against the other side!

I know in the beginning I was debating with myself if I wanted to buy a chess set, and, what I tried to do was to make a diagram on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper and mimmick the accepted moves, especially, the accepted first moves from Kasporov and other experts. It did not work. I realized and accepted the fact that I would have to buy one of my own chess sets! So now, as I am trying to develop my beginners skills in this old and ancient game, I do so with a "set up" chess board on my desk. (Keep in mind: the board must be set up with a white square on the right. right is white!) I am still in the learning stage, but, I have accepted that I need to focus on the fundamental steps for playing and more importantly, for, enjoying this grand old game. It all starts with the proper set up and the absolute knowledge of how each chess piece is allowed to move and in what directions. Good Luck!

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About the Author

Frederick B. Spadaccino
67 year old retired professional