A Few Tips On Chess For Kids

by Mike Hirn

Chess is a great game. It teaches strategy and thinking skill and can be wonderful for children to learn early. Here are a few tips on chess for kids to help determine when the best time for them to learn is.

While it is true that kids can learn just about anything, chess is a very complex game and require a lot of thinking skill. I taught my son to play at 4 years of age but each child is different. Some children may need to wait until they are older in order to be able to grasp such a complex game. Also you can't expect most kids to master the game at a young age, only learn the basics.

With a game this complex it is very easy for a child to become discouraged. As with all things you will need a great deal of patients. If they get bored easily or have a short attention span then it may be better to wait to teach them this. This game requires a lot of time and thought; some kids may decide playing with other toys or games is much more interesting.

If you have not yet learned how to play yourself then it would be best to learn before you try and teach a child rather than learning with the child. This will avoid confusing the child and teaching them to play wrong. Maybe you will even find that you don't like the game and change your mind about teaching your child at all. Or you may decide to let someone else teach your child to play instead.

Chess boards range in price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. A cheaper board may be best for a beginner. If you child has the basics and likes the game you may even want to get an electronic game. These are for one or two players and have training levels as well as giving tips during play. Another plus is they can play against the computer to help improve when they don't have anyone else to play against.

Once your child learns the basics then it will require a lot of practice to learn how to play well. There are books that help to teach strategy if your child is old enough. Also they can play online against other people from around the world. This will give them a chance to practice with someone else and see how others play. Of course you should always be cautious with allowing your child on the internet and be prepared to supervise them.

Remember that games are supposed to be fun. If your child has fun playing then this will be something they love for many years to come.

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