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by Andrew McG

Chess - One of the greatest games of all times, has been continuously praised for its vigorous yet simple method of making thinking juice from the brains of people who play them. By giving each player with a collection of sixteen medieval model pieces representing a King, a Queen, two Rooks, two Knights, two Bishops and eight Pawns(Soldiers) to control, a literally mind blowing game lasting anywhere from ten minutes to seven hours or more can be played.

Using a 64 square checkered board with alternately placed black and white squares representing a battlefield, a player can move each of his models in specific motions paths and the game ends only when the King is under immediate attack and if there is no way to remove or defend it from attack on the next move. The boards usually are made out of various materials like Vinyl, Cardboard, Decorative glass, marble and wood, of which the latter is the most commonly used board material for high level games.

At present times, we have many facilities for purchase of wooden boards as well as other material boards in stores and sports facilities. An even easier method is purchasing them online and getting them unwrapped in your living room the next few days. How cool can that be?

Buying them on the internet is like having a magic wand and with a flick of it, can make things materialize from thin air. Conventional shopping is still being done by some people, but mostly people have turned their attention to online shopping for the ease it gives and the benefits they provide. Ready-made wooden boards of very high quality may be purchased with trust from sites that sells them as they provide absolute guarantee for them and this cuts our strenuous trips to stores and our searches for quality. Boards that are made of Rosewood, Sheesham wood, Ebony wood and many other types of wood may be obtained by a simple click on the internet.

Since the Chess pieces are usually carved to represent the characters they depict and in size matching the boards, people usually prefer buying those made from fragrant wooden materials. If one wishes to buy such a popular and meaningful play set, the best place is on the internet and I personally have a wooden chess set purchased from an online web store site.

Online shops usually will have 2-5days delivery policy, refund or in store credit for damaged goods, and will provide detailed descriptions and pictures for the desired wooden chess board. Wooden chess boards can be chooses by the desired size and wood color scheme. I personally prefer juniper wooden chess as they provide nice aroma coming naturally from the wood. Rosewood chess and boxwood chess sets on the other hand is beautifully colored and have expensive look.

Solid wood chess sets provide durable playing experience and are usually more expensive than soft wood chess sets like pine wood chess - the choice is off cause with the buyer and often based on personal likes.

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