The Benefits of Learning Chess.

by Ari

Chess is not an easy game to learn. We have to remember many rules, every piece move differently and no game is the same. The question is why we should learn to play such game. I believe that many skills we can develop through this game.

First, by playing chess we learn how to deal with our life. What our lives do with chess? Chess just like life, once you make a move you can take back. Chess is full of problem just like our life do. We can learn how to react to problems without much thought. We learn how to take time and see the problem from all points of view as well.

Every problems in life at times offer few choices, which we should think up the options creatively. As we facing lopsided odds in chess, we learn how to get this kind of skill. Another valuable problem skill in life is weighing our options. When we play chess, automatically we learn to assign value to the pieces and help us to assess our choices. In the end, in life we must decide the best option for the situation and then take action. For each one move that we do in chess gives us practice in develop problem solving skills

Secondly, Just like in life the resources that we have are limited. We must think ahead in order to win and each move must have a reason. We must at least plan two or three move ahead and the unexpected result will bring you of the game. Try to calculate the unexpected. If you fail to plan in chess, at least only cost us a game, but in life? Chess gives us a safe arena to practice our planning skills. We may make mistakes in our planning. As we learn how to plan, we can use that skill in other less forgiving areas of life. Moreover, in the end, we will improve planning skills.

Finally yet importantly, we learn how to grow patient in chess. One of the biggest mistake that new player make is not being patient. It takes patience to come up with strategic move. It takes patience to wait until our opponent makes a mistake. It takes patience to continue playing and not resign when the odds are against us. These lessons we can learn in chess as we can use in life.

I believe that these three skills, I believe there are many lesson in chess, will give you enough reason to learn chess and to apply them in our lives.

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