Show Off That Brain with Chess Trivia and Qui...

Show Off That Brain with Chess Trivia and Quiz Sites
by Groshan Fabiola

For those of us who love chess, it seems that we can never quite get enough of it and will take it in any way we can, from playing it with a willing partner to trying an impromptu game online to shopping-anything chess related really! One thing that you may have not tried yet though to satisfy your need for all things chess is a little chess trivia quiz...or two.

There are a few sites online that have been created by other chess lovers that work as a mix between a chess forum and a big, ol' trivia game dedicated to the game of chess. This is not only a fun way to test your knowledge and hopefully even flex your chess muscles for others (if you're that good!) but it's also a great way to be in touch with other chess nuts who share your passion...or compulsion!

These sites offer hundreds of quizzes that range from 'easy' to 'difficult' and some are even deemed 'impossible' by the chess lovers who take the quizzes-or at least attempt to! Even if you're not much of one for quizzes, there is something to be said about the feeling you get when you're being tested on something that you're passionate about like chess. It's pretty cool to see how much you know and even find out stuff that you had no clue about. Besides, answering all the questions right is a rush even if they were part of one of the 'easy' quizzes!

As mentioned, being able to get in touch with other chess fans from around the world is one of the best benefits of this sort of site. You know that as much as we may love the challenge of a good chess game, not everyone shares our passion so it's a nice change to be somewhere where everyone you're in contact shares your passion for the game of kings. These new friends you can make can also be a great source of news and information about the world of chess and make you privy to information that you may not have known about otherwise whether from the other side of the world or even your own backyard.

And what other benefits can you enjoy from meeting all of these new people? A new opponent! Even if those that you chat with end up being a billion miles away, you can still enjoy a game of chess with them via the computer and some even play against each other while chatting on some type of IM program using their webcams! It may sound strange, but to those who eat, sleep and breath chess there is little that they wouldn't do to enjoy a game with a new and worthy opponent-or any opponent for that matter!

Chess quiz sites and forums give you an outlet for you passion and a place to satisfy your ever-hungry curiosity 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without even having to leave your home! Does it get any better than that??