Relaxing by playing chess

by Elizabeth Trineroni

One of my main focal points as a mother is creating great memories for my daughter. To accomplish this, I often refer back to my own memories. So, browsing in the store one day I came across a very affordable chess set. Now, I like to play chess. When I was a child I learned to play on a chess set that was made of marble and had it's own marble table. I believed it was beautiful then and now. While I can't afford anything as expensive as that, I can still afford to purchase a set. Thusly, I purchased the cut-rate one I saw and it ended up sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

My son in truth didn't appear interested in learning and I had no one to play it with to demonstrate to him how enjoyable it could be. Better, my nephew came over one day and caught some chess sets sitting on the shelf. His eyes got massive and round and he screamed "I didn't know you enjoyed chess!" I love youngsters and I especially love my nephews. It's important to me to be a percentage of their future good memories. I was jubilant that my nephew would want to play chess with me and eventually, my son developed an interest because he saw my nephew and I playing. Apparently I accomplished two things at one time!

I was startled at the selection on hand when I went searching for a chess set for a gift. Wooden, glass, crystal, plastic, stone, and even plush sets were visible. Then there were the sizes, from traveling sized pieces less than a quarter inch tall, to waist-high sets that I am not positive how you can experience the wide picture of the game you're playing. Chess sets are available in a large assortment of locations, from gift shops in airports to department stores, to specialty shops and naturally online. Determining the perfect set can be as difficult as mastering this arduous game.

I enjoy relaxing time with my hubby. We do not get alot of it however when we find a couple of hours we like to grab the chess set and enjoy a game. It is so restful for us as a couple to sit down and enjoy the challenge and science needed in the game of chess. Eventually we will teach our children the strategy of winning but for at present it is simply for us. If you need a way to unwind at the end of a frenzied workweek or simply enjoy refreshing experiences then chess is the game for you.

About the Author

Elizabeth Trineroni is a consummate chess researcher and author who takes time out to write articles in her free time, where she'll help you pick out the perfect chess set. Elizabeth will help you choose something unique from a massive selection of unique chess sets, chess boards and collectible themed chess pieces.