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by Deborah Smith

The game of chess continues to be around and enjoyed by many for several thousand years. They game boards are presented in numerous designs, made out of numerous materials, but one thing remains - all the pieces may well not look exactly the same but for way they are supposed to be used over the board.

One can find numerous chess board games online or in toy stores made from very cheap materials or classy materials, but rarely can a serious chess player locate a set made from best classy materials like marble or crystal and carved by the best sculptors. Truthfully, the more crudely made chess board sets can be sold for the measly price of £0.50 and there are those pieces that are tightly secured in auction houses because the starting bid may begin in the millions. How come?? Because you'll find some extraordinary chess boards that was custom made several hundred years ago for the pickiest of chess players by famous artisans.

The challenge to the intellect is what makes chess a well-liked game. No other game of strategy can come close to this game. Having one in the handmade out of ordinary balsa wood and whose pieces are either plastic or made from the same soft wood may not make the difference when playing with one manufactured from Italian marble. However, every serious chess player knows that the love of the game makes playing with quality workmanship makes the game more interesting. With technology available today, the only thing that could not be possibly created will be Harry Potter's Wizard's Chess board and pieces.

From the most basic home to the most luxurious of homes, the chess board is a well-known fixture that graces the coffee table. There are even now some side tables for sofa in the lounge which can be in fact chess board sets.It is now possible to buy a chess set that is beautifully crafted made out of valuable materials and designed by talented craftsmen over the internet. These chess sets are works of classy and are not only beautiful to check out but could make the playing of the game more difficult and meaningful. Have you ever thought how relaxing it would be to play a game of chess against someone who is equally challenging in the living room with Bach playing in the background?

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