Chess For Fools - How to Go From Amateur to Pro

by Tamara Dedmon

If you're interested in chess for fools, way to go. Chess can certainly seem overwhelming to a lot of people, and it can be hard to make the transition from absolute newbie to being comfortable with the rules, and then all the way to absolute master who beats almost everyone they see.

While there are lots of ways you can catapult your knowledge, here are some of the easiest ones:

1. Online training. This is our favorite option because if you find a good, comprehensive course, you won't need to go through and scour tons of books or WebPages with "half-baked" information. You'll have everything right at your disposal, which means you'll practically be forced to succeed and learn how to play chess.

2. Books. This is also an option, as it's inexpensive and you can learn at your own pace. The only issues we have with books are that it's hard to distinguish what's great and what's not, and most of them don't give you action plans like online does - so if you're not disciplined or have a hard time understanding something, then you're pretty much left to dry. Also, you have to go out and buy books - online training is much easier since everything's given to you.

3. Chess Tutors. There are chess tutors that can teach you a lot about how to play chess, and they're usually quite knowledgeable. The only issue with this is that you pay them, for one hour, the price of an entire year's worth of courses online. Obviously you can't learn in an hour what you'd learn via a year's worth of courses - so the information isn't as comprehensive (unless you were willing to pay hundreds an hour times 20 hours a week times 52 weeks).

As long as you choose one of those options, you should be set up for success. I congratulate you on wanting to learn chess - it's a fantastic game with many benefits and you'll be rewarded greatly once you learn it.

Chad Chesterson finally became a Chess master about four long years, and he's now passionate about teaching people how to play chess.

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Tamara Dedmon is very successful with GPT and is incredibly passionate about the benefits it creates for you.