Chess - A mind game

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Most of the scholars believe that chess originated from Northern India and Afghanistan. The oldest written reference to Chess is circa 600 in India. The game of chess was much different from what we play today. Older version had pieces of elephants, infantry, cavalry, boatmen etc which was basically commanded by a rajah. From ancient India, this game was spread to Persia then Byzantium. Whenever a new culture came to know about this game, the game techniques changed.

The best example would be re-naming the pieces. The most important piece in India is Rajah, in Persia it was called as Shah, in Arab, Caliph and Europe, it was named as King. Though many new pieces were removed and added over the years, but one piece was never removed and still exists which is called Rajah in India. With the help of traders this game was spread to various countries like china, Korea, Japan etc.
First international chess tournament occurred in London in 1866. Wilhelm Steinitz from Bohemia won the tournament and won the first official World Chess Champion. This ancient game still played throughout the world. It is estimated that nearly 39 million people play chess in United States alone. Various chess tournaments are conducted every year.

Modern time's chess game is played by two players. Each player has sixteen pieces, out of which eight are pawns. There are two rooks or castles which are carved as round turrets. Bishop has a hat that looks like miter. The two knights look like horses. Each player has a queen and a king. If you want to win this game, you have to capture your enemy i.e. king. King can move only one square. If your king is given a check, you should move out of the check in one of the three ways: (1) You can move the king to a square where it will not be attacked, (2) capture the enemy piece that checks; and (3) if the enemy piece is a queen, rook or bishop you can place other pieces between it and your king.

Chess is a very complicated game if you want to learn more there are various good books which you can refer or there are various websites that will help you in learning. If you want to win the game, you should know certain strategic moves. Lot of patience is required by the player while playing this game. There are contests where well-know chess players compete against each other, as well as contests for amateurs.

If you want to win this game you have to make clever moves. For beginners there are simple rules that will help you win. Your first few moves would be of pawns while slowly start moving your strong pieces. In the early stages you should think about how to begin your attack based on which pieces your opponent moves and how strong his pawn defense is. Always remember that pawns need to be protected to be a good defense.

Take your time while playing. Another thing which will benefit you is by sacrificing your piece. The most common circumstance is where sacrifice is necessary when your opponent has the chance to take one of your pieces of the same type. Always get behind enemy lines. Checkmate, don't just decimate. These are just the basics if you want to learn more read books.

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